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Our story

The world of cables and pipelines, infrastructure and geo-IT is our domain. The years of knowledge and practical experience of GOconnectIT and its people make the difference. Whether it's advanced software solutions, conditioning of cables and pipes or legal advice: we get the cable and pipeline industry moving. We work for and together with excavation contractors, network operators and (semi) public authorities. 

What we do

GOconnectIT connects

  • Prevention of excavation damage

  • Simplifying work processes

  • Increasing security of supply

  • Coordinating relocations to ensure progress

  • Clarifying legal frameworks

  • Renewing the industry

Because we uniquely make GEO information and knowledge available to everyone, we bring innovation to the industry and reduce excavation damage. Since our foundation in 2001, we have focused on GIS and the coordination of the cable and pipeline process in infrastructure projects. From this specialism, we have introduced ground-breaking technology for field workers. We are driven by people and innovation, with the aim of making our customers' work easier and more fun.

We have grown rapidly in recent years. Since the beginning of 2019, Swiss Knife is part of GOconnectIT with the aim of unburdening and connecting contractors, network operators, telcos and government agencies with smart (mobile) solutions and a broad product portfolio.

Since 2020, GOconnectIT works together with Geodan on a safer, smarter and more sustainable world. Both above and below ground. Among our products are: Klic App, GO FiberConnect, GO Appeee, Geodan FLO Legal, HulpbijCROW500, GeodanMaps and knowledge platform ikgagraven.nl.

Since 2022, we are part of Sogelink Group. Sogelink Group is the European leader in construction tech with headquarters in the Netherlands, France, Norway and 700 employees. The group goal is to simplify construction and infrastructure projects.

You can find us here

Our offices

Nieuwegein office
Fultonbaan 52
3439 NE Nieuwegein

Almelo office
Stationsstraat 11
7607 GX Almelo

Amsterdam office
President Kennedylaan 1
1079 MB Amsterdam

Let's connect!


Are you curious about what we can do during the process of cables and pipes or do you have other questions? Call us or fill in the contact form. Do you have questions or remarks about our software? Please contact the service desk.