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GO Academy: Cables & Pipelines Training

GO Academy offers short courses of one day on the theme of cables and pipes. Our trainers have years of experience and use a qualitative and result-oriented approach. The participants' field of work is always central. Knowledge and skills can be applied immediately.

Training courses cables & pipes

  • Practice-oriented
  • Short training sessions of one day
  • Centrally located in The Netherlands 
  • Incompany possible (price on request)
  • Tailor-made course

Training offers

  • Help with CROW 500 (register via
  • Relocating cables and pipelines (in good time) for the project
  • Rights and obligations with (the prevention of) excavation damage
  • User training Klic
  • GO MapForms user training

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Want to expand your legal knowledge?

We provide tailor-made courses and training in the field of cable and pipeline conditioning for small and large groups. Subjects that can be covered during a training course are:

  • Process steps
  • Risk management
  • Contracts and tendering (RAW and UAV-gc)
  • Compensation and damage compensation

We can also go deeper into the legal aspects of cables and pipelines, such as administrative law, telecommunications law, excavation damage, regulations and permits, enforcement and sanctions. 

Training for software solutions

Is this your first time working with one of the software products or do you want to refresh your knowledge and get more out of the system? Then sign up for our User Training. 

Rights and obligations in the event of (the prevention of) excavation damage

The management of cable and pipeline interfaces is one of the most complex aspects of a spatial project. The importance involved is considerable and the consequences of a stagnation can be very annoying. It is therefore very satisfying to guide clients and customers through the complicated world of cables and pipes. By informing parties about the interests, rights and obligations, I hope to contribute to a streamlined implementation of projects in the Netherlands.