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Legal Advice Cables & Pipelines

Knowledge of legal matters relating to cables and pipelines is one of our specialisations. Because the underground is becoming increasingly crowded. A better arrangement is required in which all data is carefully registered and visualised. Legal frameworks are necessary for a good structure in the subsurface. The conditioning of cables and pipes has various, complex legal components. And that is exactly what we have been doing for years.

Legal specialists in the field of cables and pipes

GOconnectIT wants these processes to run smoothly and has experienced legal advisors with knowledge of both the legal, financial and technical, substantive aspects of the process. We are happy to pass on this knowledge and expertise in order to bring about a structural improvement in the way in which cables and pipelines are dealt with within projects.

From assessing and drawing up requests for adjustment, project agreements and final decisions to giving advice on the interpretation of complex cost components. But also advice on more general doctrines such as breach of contract and tort, the latter for example in the case of excavation damage. In addition, we assist our clients in objection and appeal proceedings.

Want to expand your legal knowledge?

We provide tailor-made courses and training in the field of cable and pipeline conditioning for small and large groups. Subjects that can be covered during a training course are:

  • Process steps
  • Risk management
  • Contracts and tendering (RAW and UAV-gc)
  • Compensation and damage compensation

We can also go deeper into the legal aspects of cables and pipelines, such as administrative law, telecommunications law, excavation damage, regulations and permits, enforcement and sanctions. 

Our areas of expertise

  • Process management

    When relocating cables and pipes, it is important that agreements made are recorded clearly, consistently and correctly. We can help!
  • Preventing excavation damage

    GOconnectIT advises on excavation damage issues and liability. Such as how to deal with orphan lines and the associated stagnation costs.
  • Regulations and policies

    We assess the current government policy on cables and pipes, and subsequently draw up any new or amended regulations or policies.
  • Liability

    GOconnectIT provides clients with advice on liability issues. For example, when a network operator does not comply with its obligations to relocate cables and pipes, resulting in the threat of stagnation damage.
  • Disadvantage compensation

    GOconnectIT advises on which reverse charge costs a claimant must pay and from which cost components the compensation may consist.
Products and services

See what else there is to discover

In addition to advice on cables and pipes, there is more we can do for you

Coordination of the entire process of cables and pipelines. Our experienced project managers can take care of all your problems during relocation projects or provide legal advice on cables and pipelines.
GO Academy offers short courses of one day on the theme of cables and pipes. Our trainers have years of experience and use a qualitative and result-oriented approach. The participants' field of work is always central. Knowledge and skills can be applied immediately.
In addition to working in our clients' GIS systems, we can also deploy our own ATLAS GIS system to manage cable and pipeline networks for network operators and project organisations. ATLAS is based on Smallworld ™ Core Spatial Technology, a product of GE Energy that offers a powerful architecture for various applications and of which GOconnectIT is Solutions Provider.
With Lovion from our German partner ITS, we offer comprehensive IT support for technical business processes. Thanks to its deep integration with GIS and ERP systems, Lovion makes information such as maps, asset data and process data quickly and easily available to employees. Discover what GOconnectIT can do for you in the field of GIS systems and consultancy.
GO MapForms is a proven solution for an efficient and simplified connection process. The innovative technology makes it possible to deliver revision data, documents and photos within 24 hours after making the overhaul of assets in the ground.