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GIS Smallworld

In addition to working in our clients' GIS systems, we can also deploy our own ATLAS GIS system to manage cable and pipeline networks for network operators and project organisations. ATLAS is based on Smallworld ™ Core Spatial Technology, a product of GE Energy that offers a powerful architecture for various applications and of which GOconnectIT is Solutions Provider.


ATLAS has a modular structure and supports the planning, design and construction of networks and distribution systems for gas, water and electricity. It integrates with other systems and is easy to adapt. This enables us to respond to very specific wishes. In addition, we can host the ATLAS GIS system in order to unburden our customers.

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You can also contact GOconnectIT for e.g. LOVION GIS.

GIS Specialist in Cables & Pipelines

Our GIS specialists develop systems in Smallworld, Lovion and ArcGIS for large network operators and contractors, or work on a project basis on complex issues. 


  • Specialised in cables and pipes

  • Own team of GIS specialists since 2001

  • A lot of experience with large and small customers

  • GIS consultants who look beyond the project

  • GIS Lovion

  • GO MapForms

  • Coordination Cables & Pipelines

  • Legal Advice Cables & Pipelines

  • GO Academy: Cables & Pipelines training

GIS Lovion
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