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Cables and pipes

The relocation of cables and pipes before and during construction is an important undertaking. Every year, a lot of damage is caused by careless digging. However, much excavation damage can be prevented by adopting a good approach. This not only prevents damage, but also unnecessary delays and extra costs.

All interested parties are working hard together for a better excavation process. There is now legislation, a directive, supervision and a cooperation platform. GOconnectIT supports the improvement of the excavation process with advice, guidance, digitisation and more.

WIBON formerly WION in The Netherlands

The Exchange of Information on Overhead and Underground Networks Act

In The Netherlands since 2018 there is the WIBON to prevent digging damage. The law, also known as the regulation of excavators, sets out the obligations of all parties involved before, during and after the excavation process.

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Excavation notification (Klic request)

A very important point in the WIBON is the provision of information exchange so that it is increasingly known where cables and pipelines are located, which reduces the chance of excavation contractors hitting cables and pipelines.

For excavation contractors, this means that they must submit an excavation notification (Klic request) before they can dig. By doing so, they request all the information about the location where they want to dig, which network operators are obliged to provide.

Guideline CROW 500

Because the excavation process in large projects has many points of interest, the CROW 500 guideline was drawn up. This guideline provides five phases and the accompanying points of attention to check in order to minimise the risk of excavation damage.

CROW 500

The 5 phases

  • Initiation phase - time and budget
  • Investigation phase - orientation and inventory
  • Design phase - locating action plan
  • Work preparation phase - work instructions andexcavation notification
  • Execution phase - instruction and evaluation

Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands

The government has entrusted the Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands with the task of supervising compliance with the Act on Information Exchange on Aboveground and Underground Networks (WIBON). To this end, the Agency visits locations and can issue fines.

COB: Cables and Pipelines Platform

The Cables and Pipelines Platform in The Netherlands is an important link in the reduction of excavation damage. The platform is engaged in exchanging knowledge and experience, entering into partnerships and developing innovative solutions. Our specialist Rudi Zoet has been platform coordinator since 2019.

Products and services


Digitalisation is an important factor in reducing excavation damage. Using our website klic-app.nl, it is very easy to submit a Klic report. For organisations that submit more than 150 Klic reports per year, there is the Klic Always and Everywhere Service. 

GO MapForms is a proven solution for an efficient and simplified connection process. The innovative technology makes it possible to deliver revision data, documents and photos within 24 hours after making the overhaul of assets in the ground.
Coordination of the entire process of cables and pipelines. Our experienced project managers can take care of all your problems during relocation projects or provide legal advice on cables and pipelines.
GO Academy offers short courses of one day on the theme of cables and pipes. Our trainers have years of experience and use a qualitative and result-oriented approach. The participants' field of work is always central. Knowledge and skills can be applied immediately.
Legal frameworks are necessary for a good structure in the subsurface. The conditioning of cables and pipes has various, complex legal components. And that is exactly what we have been doing for years.

Advice and guidance

It is important to start working with cables and pipes well before the implementation phase of a project. By starting early with the preparatory phase, there is a greater chance of successful implementation.

GOconnectIT advises and assists (semi) public authorities, excavation contractors and network operators in the excavation process. Our consultants also often have a useful contribution to make in the role of supervisor and excavation desk. Please contact us for more information.