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Security of supply of electricity, water, gas and data is essential for all Dutch citizens. GOconnectIT believes that geo-data is indispensable to support this social interest. Therefore we make the data of cables and pipelines transparent, efficient and accessible with innovative IT, of which GIS (Geographic Information System) is an important part. We support this with consultancy and expertise of Smallworld and Lovion.

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GIS Smallworld

In addition to working in our clients' GIS systems, we can also deploy our own ATLAS GIS system to manage cable and pipeline networks for network operators and project organisations. ATLAS is based on Smallworld ™ Core Spatial Technology, a product of GE Energy that offers a powerful architecture for various applications and of which GOconnectIT is Solutions Provider.

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GIS Lovion

With Lovion from our German partner ITS, we offer comprehensive IT support for technical business processes. Thanks to its deep integration with GIS and ERP systems, Lovion makes information such as maps, asset data and process data quickly and easily available to employees. Discover what GOconnectIT can do for you in the field of GIS systems and consultancy.