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GIS Lovion

With Lovion from our German partner ITS, we offer comprehensive IT support for technical business processes. Thanks to its deep integration with GIS and ERP systems, LOVION makes information such as maps, asset data and process data quickly and easily available to employees. Discover what GOconnectIT can do for you in the field of GIS systems and consultancy.

Lovion GIS

However, the greatest strength of the Lovion platform lies in the flexible provision of data. The compactness of the data allows the user to work via intranet, internet and with mobile solutions. With Windows, iOS and Android, all common operating systems and devices are supported. As a result, the information is not only available in the office, but also in the field, both online and offline.

Lovion users, such as network operators and contractors, can easily consult maps and assets and search for gas leaks, for example. The documentation of this can be returned to the office completely digitally. 

GIS Specialist in Cables & Pipelines

GOconnectIT specialises in cables and pipelines GIS. But because of years of experience, the consultants can look wider than just that.

Moreover, projects are looked at more broadly because of the unlocking of asset data from GIS and ERP with Lovion. This makes it easier to manage on time, quality and costs. This results in more effective planning and full assurance of documentation.


  • Specialised in cables and pipes

  • Own team of GIS specialists since 2001

  • A lot of experience with large and small customers

  • GIS consultants who look beyond the project

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In addition to working in our clients' GIS systems, we can also deploy our own ATLAS GIS system to manage cable and pipeline networks for network operators and project organisations. ATLAS is based on Smallworld ™ Core Spatial Technology, a product of GE Energy that offers a powerful architecture for various applications and of which GOconnectIT is Solutions Provider.
GO MapForms is a proven solution for an efficient and simplified connection process. The innovative technology makes it possible to deliver revision data, documents and photos within 24 hours after making the overhaul of assets in the ground.
Coordination of the entire process of cables and pipelines. Our experienced project managers can take care of all your problems during relocation projects or provide legal advice on cables and pipelines.
Legal frameworks are necessary for a good structure in the subsurface. The conditioning of cables and pipes has various, complex legal components. And that is exactly what we have been doing for years.
GO Academy offers short courses of one day on the theme of cables and pipes. Our trainers have years of experience and use a qualitative and result-oriented approach. The participants' field of work is always central. Knowledge and skills can be applied immediately.