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Legal advice, project management, supervision or consultancy? Everything for a smooth project where cables and pipelines play a role. GOconnectIT's personal service has played an important role since its foundation in 2001. GOconnectIT's people and its software make the difference for governments, network operators and contractors.

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Coordination Cables & Pipelines

Coordination of the entire process of cables and pipelines. Our experienced project managers can take care of all your problems during relocation projects or provide legal advice on cables and pipelines.

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Toezichthouder Kabels & Leidingen

Voor de rol van toezichthouder kabels en leidingen in civiele projecten hebben wij experts in huis. Een toezichthouder is essentieel om de veiligheid en naleving van richtlijnen te borgen en draagt in belangrijke mate bij aan de voortgang van een project.

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Legal Advice Cables & Pipelines

Legal frameworks are necessary for a good structure in the subsurface. The conditioning of cables and pipes has various, complex legal components. And that is exactly what we have been doing for years.

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GO Academy: Cables & Pipelines Training

GO Academy offers short courses of one day on the theme of cables and pipes. Our trainers have years of experience and use a qualitative and result-oriented approach. The participants' field of work is always central. Knowledge and skills can be applied immediately.