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Augmented Reality: From Pokémon trend to standard

More than 1.3 million downloads of Pokémon GO in the Netherlands, even before the official release. The hype confirms what specialists have seen for a long time: Augmented Reality is hot! That is why GOconnectIT is working hard to make this technology available for the cable and pipe industry. Imagine yourself visiting a project location for the first time and within a few minutes, without putting a shovel in the ground, you are fully aware of all the assets in the underground. You immediately know who the owner is, which customers are connected to it and most importantly; where they are located. Augmented Reality: this will be the standard in a few years.

Augmented Reality can be used for various purposes by organizations in the industry. For asset management, data maintenance and for increasing the accuracy of data. But also, for supporting communication in the field. In emergency situations, it is crucial to know what assets are in the underground to be able to react quickly based on instantly available and updated information. The use of Augmented Reality ensures process improvement and cost reduction. The efficiency of users increases, the data quality improves and the number of administrative actions decreases.

Augmented Reality also has another important benefit. Employees who are equipped with this technology are more aware of the environment in which they work because they see cables and pipes projected into the real world. This makes it easier to interpret data correctly, and in this way contribute to prevention of excavation damage. With Augmented Reality, it is possible to provide employees without knowledge of GIS with a tool which enables them to use the power of GIS in an intuitive way with smartphone and tablet.

Data is displayed as a 3D visualization and can be edited by users in the field. Without additional administrative handling, it can be updated directly in systems. Limitations of the use of Augmented Reality on a large scale are currently the compass and GPS functionality of smartphones and tablets. However, with more expensive equipment such as the Zeno 20, Augmented Reality is already very well applicable. Development proceeds rapidly and Augmented Reality will soon penetrate the cable and pipe industry as a disruptive new technology. An excellent opportunity to realize progress through innovation!