Sogelink Group New Strategic Partner

GOconnectIT & Sogelink join forces

With unique knowledge and technology, GOconnectIT has established itself as a market leader in solutions for collecting, visualizing and analyzing data from under the ground in recent years. In addition, since our foundation, we have been offering services based on specific (infrastructural) knowledge, such as conditioning of cables and pipelines or legal advice.

Since 2020, we have joined forces with Geodan with Geodan. Together we make the world above and below ground smarter, safer and more sustainable with the help of location intelligence. Whether it concerns future-proofing our infrastructure, preventing excavation damage, accelerating the energy transition or the logistical challenges in our increasingly smart cities; our solutions offer answers and valuable insights in more and more places. As Sogelink Group we are now ready for the next step.

A new strategic partner
In order to make more impact, Geodan and GOconnectIT will join forces with the Sogelink group on 25 April 2022. Sogelink is the French market leader of proven innovative and specialist software solutions for the construction and infrastructure industry. A powerful company that complements and strengthens our activities and gives our customers access to new technology. So that you can perform your work even smarter and more efficiently.

This step gives us the opportunity to give customers at home and abroad accelerated access to innovative products and services. For example, solutions in the field of Augmented Reality, BIM, engineering, point clouds and the digital measurement of assets. From the collaboration with Sogelink we will benefit from each other's strengths, but we will continue to operate from our own brand and company. As a customer you are assured of our trusted service, quality and permanent contacts.

We look forward to the future with confidence and great pleasure. If you have any questions regarding this message, please let us know. Soon we will share more information about the possibilities this step has to offer you as a customer.

Full press release can be found here