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Migration ATLAS GIS at Royal Schiphol Group to Smallworld™ 5.1.6.

Recently, our GIS team has completed an extensive project at Royal Schiphol Group after more than 8 months. An ATLAS GIS upgrade was carried out, making Royal Schiphol Group the first in the Netherlands to work with the latest version of Smallworld ™. Users have been trained by GOconnectIT and now have access to the following applications: ATLAS GIS, ATLAS VIEWER and ATLAS WEB. Single Sign On has also been implemented, which makes access to the application easier and safer. In addition, the upgrade massively improved the performance of the system.

As an airport, Royal Schiphol Group has a special position and manages all cables and pipelines located on its own grounds. In this area, continuous (re)development takes place. Visualization, analysis and the possibility to edit the assets in the ground is very important. For this reason, GIS is indispensable. Since 2001, GOconnectIT is involved as supplier for the implementation and maintenance of ATLAS (Smallworld ™) for Royal Schiphol Group. With this last upgrade, a big step forward has been taken.