Fully digital processing of pressure measurement data

Esders and GOconnectIT have formalized a partnership to realize a more efficient process around gas pressure measurement. In the Netherlands, it is increasingly important for contractors to supply reports and data in XML format to network operators. Of course you can retype paper forms or digital files to a file in the right format, but digitization is desirable and inevitable. It reduces the margin of error to zero.

Digital pressure measurement box
Esders developed a digital pressure measurement box, which enables a technician to perform strength and density tests digitally and to pass this data on to an app. They also designed and manufactured other pressure testing equipment. Various network operators and large contractors use these drucktests and at Esders, the development continues, according Esders director Rob Tukker: "The introduction of digitization in our pressure measurement technology has contributed to the efficiency and transparency of business processes from our clients. By quickly responding to the ever more complex demand, we continuously offer innovative solutions."

GO MapForms
This fits perfectly with the GO MapForms (GMF) solution from GOconnectIT. The GMF App offers a complete support of the administrative part of the work process with a digital workbook for the office and field employees. "With the addition of this module to digitally read out drucktests, we respond to a wish from the market to further digitize processes and improve the quality of data even more," says Tim Vrijsen, Account manager at GMF. "With this solution, we are again taking a big step towards supporting the total process."

Automation of work processes also means digital reading of the pressure measurement box. Liander is the first Dutch network operator who wants to receive the payment report digitally in XML, via the DSP. With the link between the drucktest and GMF you can demonstrate to grid operators that it is a fully digitally tested version and no manual actions have been taken. This means that there is no need to check any WV (Work Responsible) employee anymore. With the GOconnectIT solution you meet the demand for DSP.

Work faster and avoid mistakes
The GMF App calls the Esders App, which retrieves the measurement data via a Bluetooth connection with the drucktest. Then the technician can fill in the additional fields in the GMF App. In the App, the technician indicates which measurement he is going to do and then the fields to fill in for this type of measurement appear and the app knows which values ​​are acceptable and different. This makes it as easy as possible for mechanics and it prevents errors. A second measurement at a new moment is only necessary if the difference between the start and end pressure is too great. What no longer occurs is that a technician has noted a wrong value or an office worker who makes a typing mistake when taking over data.

In the meantime, the first contractors have started this functionality and more and more companies are joining in the coming period.